The Miller House







The purpose of The Miller House is to promote a continued lifestyle of sobriety for women over the age of 25 in a safe and affordable residence that is supported by a cooperative peer recovery model.

**Whole health is supported and alcohol and drug use is not allowed on these premises at ANY time or by ANY one, including guests; nor is use at any time by residents off the property.  Immediately inform the Director of any substance use of fellow residents whether inside or outside the residence.  Confidentiality of random substance screenings will be maintained.

**Personal safety is honored with the prohibition of firearms and weapons on the premises and physical violence and/or threats of violence are not tolerated; Do No Harm.

**Connection is the Opposite of Addiction making attendance at weekly house meetings with the Director is mandatory in addition to participation in household upkeep. 


**Independent growth and contribution are expected and require a minimum of 20 hours of work/school/volunteering each week.

**Personal recovery comes first requiring attendance at regular 12 Step or other recovery meetings is required at least three times per week.

**Individual boundaries for privacy, confidentiality, and serenity are respected.


**We will treat everyone with dignity and respect as valued individuals and will be inclusive of all residents in house decision-making and activities.

**We will be role models of positive recovery in the house and in the community and work to resist gossip, hearsay, and rumors.

**The residence will maintain a home environment and Director will share community resources for therapy and/or clinical services as needed.

Heart & Hands


At The Miller House, we know that every recovery journey is different and our founding goal is to provide support to women seeking lifelong recovery from alcohol and substance use.  Having a home that is free from alcohol and substance use is essential to that goal and The Miller House clients may rest easy knowing they are safe among peers who share a sober lifestyle.

The Miller House is owned and operated by a woman with years of sobriety who cares about providing residents a safe space for learning to live free from substances and the triggers of past "people, places and playgrounds," while allowing them the dignity to come and go as they wish within respectful boundaries for roommates and maintaining a foundation of stability and accountability.

We offer our private bedrooms in an affordable home environment with regular support from a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach Professional with solid sobriety and a strong recovery network to provide continued guidance for maintaining long-term sobriety.

Initial program agreement can be 3, 6 or 12 months with renewal options for up to 2 years.


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Recovery Services

  • Weekly Community Meetings based on Recovery Wellness Plan & the Social Model of Recovery.

  • Recovery meetings in the neighborhood

  • Community resources available-food/clothing, therapists, medical, etc.

  • Zumba & Y12SR (12 step yoga) offered weekly.

  • Random Drug Screening & upon application-release to receive results if being tested by treatment program.

  • Life Skills Development including: physical and emotional wellness, parenting, career, communication & financial.


  • Stores, restaurants, dentist & doctor in walking distance

  • Houses of Worship within walking distance

  • On bus line

  • 2 miles from local Aquatic Center & Silver Comet Trail

  • Bike & walk friendly neighborhood

  • Local AA/NA & Celebrate Recovery meetings within 5 minutes drive

  • Recovery Center Organization located 8 miles away

  • Ridgeview Institute located 15 minutes away

Program Requirements

  • Complete abstinence from alcohol & drugs, including non-prescribed pharmaceuticals.

  • Participation in weekly house meetings (1 hour) and reciprocal peer support.

  • Attend 12-step/other recovery meetings regularly and work with a sponsor/recovery coach/mentor.

  • Reference letter from substance treatment program.

  • Engage in a minimum of 20 hours per week in IOP, Job/School or Volunteer activities.

  • Follow Aftercare Requirements.

  • Cooperate with roommates in household upkeep.

  • Vote on and participate in monthly house pride project (2 hours).

What to Bring

  • Clothing & Toiletries

  • Initial groceries

  • Cell phone, ID & Insurance card

  • Any prescribed medications and/or analgesics=lock boxes are provided.

  • Items to personalize your room – photographs, books, pictures, etc.

All applicants should come willing to function as part of a community and embrace a recovery lifestyle.


The Miller House is fully furnished with equipped kitchen and we provide all bedding, linens, pillows, and towels as well as individual lock boxes to secure prescribed medication and valuables.


Multiple shared living spaces including stocked library & game room along with private backyard

and front serenity garden.

Program fees include all utilities.